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Upcoming Projects 2018

Upcoming Projects 2018

While we always have a lot of renovations and Flip Projects, we have a few really exciting Upcoming Projects in 2018.

New Projects

These 3 new constructions will break ground in September 2018, and be completed in 2019.  We are using state of the art technologies, with all of the latest building requirements to make these homes, more like bomb shelters in respect to how well they are built!  All the latest technology for Impact Glass, everything meeting Miami Dade wind code regulations, adding the best insulation, solar panels & gas generators, you’ll be comfortable in any of these homes, even in the worst hurricane.

Smart Homes.

We are using all SMART technology, that controls everything from the music you want to hear, to your blinds, temperatures, cameras & security systems, it can even preheat your oven for you while you’re on your way home from work.  Furthermore, everything is synced to a smart platform, allowing you manage your home like a pro.  Using the most efficient Air Conditioning units with variable speeds, smart thermostats, solar renewable energy, spray in icynene insulation we are able to keep your cold air in, and insulated LowE Impact glass and doors to really create an tight seal on your new super efficient home.  We partner with all the best local designers, architects, engineers and sub-contractors to deliver the most efficient, cost effective home that we can.

Beachfront Builders will be documenting all of these and looking to do many more in the future.  Please follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

2 Story Multi-Material home in Chapel Hill 

Modern, Sleek 1 story villa 

Intercostal Modern, located in Tropic Isles, Delray Beach


Let us do your next renovation project.

David Shoultz, and his team at Beachfront Builders located in Delray Beach, do all kinds of construction, remodels, flips, renovations, and new construction. Furthermore, his wife Ivana Shoultz and her company Beachfront Properties handle all of the design and real estate portions for each project. Together, they work on all projects to find the worst home on the best street, and make it shine again! With that being said, this is our passion. So, Contact us if you’re interested in remodeling your home with us, investing or doing a Flip with us, or start a new construction project of your own. We would love to help you with your next project!

We are local, Licensed and Insured Contractors that offer a unique style of building. Uniquely, we do this by focusing on luxury, sustainability and using the latest technology to build your dream home. Not to mention, we work with the best Architects and Interior Designers to design your dream home and build them exactly the way you want. Therefore, we pride ourselves on all of the various small details and try our hardest to make this process, an enjoyable and great experience for everybody.

Lastly, we look forward to getting your feedback and potentially working together in the future!

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