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Custom Design for Coconut Palm Estate-Sklar Furnishings

With a focused and dedicated Builder, Designer & Developer..anything is possible! This development really is unique, setting itself apart from any other waterfront home in Delray Beach and we can’t wait to continue bringing life to it.

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Custom Design for Coconut Palm Estate

A client recently approached us with a very interesting project. They had purchased a property in Delray Beach and had torn down the existing residence to prepare for a rebuild. Once architects designed the structure of Coconut Palm Estate, the buyer’s next move was to create a marketable representation to list.

That’s right: we were contracted to design an interior for a 4400 square foot home that wasn’t even built yet!

The Coconut Palm Estate project involved planning, designing, and furnishing the interior and then creating photorealistic renderings of it. We were asked to render what we believed to be the most impactful rooms of the house, as well as a general floor plan.

We started by conducting a market analysis. Research was done by attending open houses in the area as well as driving the area. We noted the prominent styles, what was selling and at what prices.  Our next step was looking at trending furniture and decor from the Milan designer furniture markets which led us to create design recommendations.

Once the design concepts and recommendations were presented and approved, it was time to create a gorgeous and elegant interior. Our process began with color theory. Then we paired furniture and decor pieces. Our final step before rendering was selecting complementary finishes and fabrics.

We designed a  floor plan for the entire home, but focused our renderings on the rooms buyers want to see. Fully-furnished renderings were created for the kitchen, living area, club room, and master bedroom. Since this home is in Southern Florida where outdoor areas are very important, we also furnished and rendered outside views.

We decided to base our design on Coastal Contemporary, the most popular style for the South Florida region. This simple, beautiful style is defined by large airy spaces, plenty of natural light, and mostly neutral colors.

The right color palette is a natural starting point for a project like this. We chose primarily cool, neutral, and natural colors. We introduced lots of soft whites and light tans, with blue and driftwood grey accents to create visual interest. The overall impression is calm and confident.

The shape and texture of furniture is crucial, so we made careful selections. Contemporary design tends to be very linear, so to create contrast we brought in a very curvy sofa for the living room. The soft fabric curves of the sofa create a gorgeous contrast with the pitted lava stone tile fireplace. Faceted teakwood coffee tables strike an elegant balance.

Once we had our design ready, we created photorealistic renderings that will be used to market Coconut Palm Estate. Every piece of furniture in the renderings is an actual piece that we carry or from a design firm we represent, so when the eventual buyer chooses to furnish the house as rendered, it’s no problem!

We pride ourselves on being a full service company. We can design for any size project or need a client has. Coconut Palm Estate proves that you don’t even need a finished space for us to design a perfect interior!


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Lastly, we look forward to getting your feedback and potentially working together in the future!

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