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Building New or Buying Used?


To Build New or Buying Used? Finding the answer to this question can take a lot of research to determine the route homeowners want to take. Choosing to build from the ground up or to remodel a pre-existing home has many pros and cons. Here is a bit of information we can share with you to help you decide the best option for you.

Should You Remodel?

Remodeling a home can save you major chunks of money. However, your renovation budget is not a set number. Make sure you have some wiggle room to account for all situations. Saving money does depend on the state of the original build and the difference you want to make within the home. Remodeling is a more modest and wholesome project for a “do it yourself-er”. Being involved intimately with your project is a rewarding option for those that wish to get their hands dirty. This route can save you money, especially when it comes to smaller projects. For example, painting walls and installing new cabinet doors. However, there is a downside to this option.

Remodeling your home can bring up some unexpected surprises. Termites, Mold, plumbing issues, the updated city codes and, much more can take your renovation from simple to extensive very quickly. More likely than not, when rebuilding an older home you will run into unforeseen issues with the original framework that can cause headaches. When buying a home, make sure you analyze it based on the year it was built. Doing this can help you prepare for the years of wear and tear that your home may have.

Should You Build?

If you choose to build a home, you have a more relaxing time watching your home progressively grow. Homeowners are involved with the entire process, from creating the blueprints of your home down to countertops in your guest bedroom. This option is traditionally more expensive, but you will be paying for everything! Labor, accessories, design, and location are all included in your final purchase of the dream that you are bringing to life. Another positive side to your building option is that we can determine a  set price for your complete total. When building, you will not have to deal with unexpected surprises that come with buying an older home.

When it comes to choosing to remodel or build your home, there are weighing options that can determine a route based on your individual preference. Building or remodeling with Beachfront Builders, we will ensure a positive and relaxing experience. Let us create your dream home.

Let us do your next project.

David Shoultz, and his team at Beachfront Builders located in Delray Beach, do all kinds of construction from remodels, flips, renovations, and new construction. Furthermore, his wife, Ivana Shoultz, and her company Beachfront Properties handle all of the project’s design and real estate portions. They work together to help you find any home and make it your very own. This is our passion; we live here locally and would love to help you so please Contact us if you’re interested in finding that perfect #beachfront winter getaway, and we’ll help make that dream a reality.

Beachfront Builders is a local, Licensed and Insured Contractor that offers a unique style of building. Uniquely, we do this by focusing on luxury, sustainability, and using the latest technology to build your dream home. Not to mention, we work with the best Architects and Interior Designers to design your dream home and build them exactly the way you want. Therefore, we pride ourselves on all of the various small details and try our hardest to make this process an enjoyable and great experience for everybody.

Lastly, we look forward to getting your feedback and potentially working together in the future!


Article was written by Jordan Muske

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