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Backyard Renovation Ideas For Early Fall

Backyard Renovation Ideas for Early Fall

The end of the summer is the perfect time for drinking iced tea, eating melting ice cream and watching fireflies outdoors before it begins to cool down. And all of these activities are even better enjoyed in your own backyard.

Find a reputable contractor and make this year a summer to remember by transforming it into a fun space for family and friends. Here are a few renovation ideas to consider:

1. Add some green

Flowerbeds can easily add color to an otherwise empty corner of the yard. Plants such as hydrangeas or hostas are great for shady areas. If there is no natural shade, consider adding trees with large canopies and creating a tropical oasis. Take it up a notch and add a subtle terracing effect. This works for urban backyards too, as it creates an interesting visual aspect to an otherwise flat space.


Take some inspiration from overseas and consider installing an English garden. These gardens are a combination of paths and smaller flowering plants grouped together to create a larger overall effect. This garden is sure to wow every guest as soon as all the flowers are in bloom.

2. Make a grand entrance

Welcome guests with a decorative arbor. There are a variety of colors and styles of arbors out there, and they can stand alone or be added to existing fencing. Flowers or green vines can help add romance to the arbor as well.

Use extra green space to install a decorative walkway. There are a lot of options for materials these days, including brick, concrete or individual stones. Homeowners can add a personal touch to their walkway by installing stones with children’s handprints or significant dates. Line the walkway with plants or lights for ambiance.

3. Upgrade the pool

Add lights to the pool for fun evening swims or parties with friends. Options include installing colorful lights within the pool or adding floating lights. LED lights may cost more initially, but they end up saving in energy costs in the long run.

When it comes to changing the pool tiles, the sky’s the limit. You can use an existing design or install a custom-made mural to make visitors feel as if they are swimming on a piece of art. This also applies to vinyl pool liners.


Consider adding a sundeck inside the pool that will allow you to relax in just a few inches of water. This feature is good for lounging, and it can serve as a cool off area for children learning how to swim.

4. Create a bug-free zone

A screened-in porch is a great option for areas that see heavy mosquitoes or other biting insects. You can change the trim of the screened in porch to match the house or to create an artistic statement. They also come with the option of installing fans, skylights and lamps. These porches can be built as an addition, or you can install one under a pre-existing deck.


Surround the patio with bug-repellant plants for a natural way to repel insects. Lavender is both pretty to look at and keeps mosquitoes and even rabbits away. Citronella grass is another option, as they are often the main ingredient in mosquito-repelling candles. This type of grass is low maintenance, and it grows in a variety of climates.

5. Keep warm with a fire feature

Fire pits are all the rage, and for good reason. They are a simple way to gather people around for intimate conversations long after the sun goes down. Customize the surrounding of the fire pit with stones and comfortable seating options.

Take it a step further and install a permanent outdoor fireplace. The modern gas fireplaces tend to be a little safer than traditional fire pits, because all they need to light is a simple flick of the switch. This feature pays off in the end, as you can use them well into the fall and even early spring.

6. Set up the ideal barbecue spot

Summer is not complete without at least day cooking on the grill. Improve your standard setup by bringing the kitchen outdoors. Options include installing a stovetop, built-in smoker and a refrigerator. Surround the area with a dining set for enjoying the meal afterward.

7. Add a calming water feature

You don’t need a big backyard to enjoy a pond or a waterfall. Builders can add ponds to the patios on townhouses or condominiums. There are varieties of pond styles, from a clean and modern feel to a natural-looking design with small fish. Not only do water features make a yard seem larger, they can also help the area feel cooler in temperature.

8. Build a private getaway

People with extra space should consider adding an outbuilding. This can serve a variety of purposes, such as a guest room or a playhouse. Add some relaxing furniture to make this space feel like a little escape from home.


– Written by, Sam Casteris is an aspiring writer who
loves writing about all things real estate and travel.
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