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Welcome to your new home

Welcome to your new Home!

All of us here at Beachfront Builders want to congratulate you on your new home!  Now, what to do? 

Here is a list of things you should understand and think about when moving into your new home.

Here at Beachfront Builders, when you move into your new home you’ll be given a full package of information, a directory of subcontractors, vendors and more with all of their contact info for issues, concerns or questions. We give you an export of photos, paint colors, tile sku’s, and much more!

Here are a list of items to keep in mind when moving in! 

  1. Setup your Utilities.  You’ll need to setup water in your name, FPL Electric, FPU Gas, city utilities, order trash cans, transfer your Comcast, etc.  You can get started on that ASAP.
  2. Locate your electrical panels, review the breakers and how to turn them on/off.
  3. Locate your main water disconnect and know how to shut off your water.
  4. If you have gas, locate your main gas meter and the main shut off to your home.
  5. Know your A/C Filter size and setup an auto-refill for every 6 months.
  6. Install a Home Security system like ADT or similar.
  7. Security Cameras? Your home was pre-wired with Beachfront Builders and wires were ran to the corners of your home, now you have to get a security camera system in place and working.
  8. If you have a pool, know how to use it.  Beachfront Builders will provide a quick tutorial with our Pool Subcontractor upon move-in, and if you’re not going to clean it yourself, find a local pool guy to manage your pool on a weekly basis.
  9. Low Voltage / Home Automation?  You’ll want to get someone there quickly to get all your TV’s, internet, Alexa and lighting system setup and working.  Beachfront Builders will recommend a few companies that you can work with to complete.
  10. Make copies of all your keys, save in a safe place.
  11. Download and install the Home Automation App’s you’ll want to use such as Alexa, Schlage locks, Ring, Lutron Lights, MyQ, Sonos, etc.
  12. Keep all the Appliance and Fixture documents, in a safe place.
  13. Make sure to fill out / complete any warranty information for Appliances, etc.
  14. Keep safe the ‘Welcome Home’ package Beachfront Builders has given you, where you can always access information of your home

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