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Unveiling the Luxury Waterfront Gem of Boca Raton

Project Descripton

Nestled on the sparkling intercostal shorelines, Boca Raton's newest architectural statement, a magnum opus of modern luxury, stands poised to redefine waterfront living. This isn't just new construction; it's a canvas of coastal elegance, a testament to sustainable design, and a fortress of innovation in the face of Mother Nature's might. Our amazing Clients seeking their oasis where opulence meets resilience, had to look no further. This is more than a residence; this is an experience, a lifestyle afforded only to those attuned to the balance of elegance and ease. Welcome to Rogers Lake, just off of Spanish River Blvd and Federal, on the intercostal waterway - where luxury takes shape in the most breathtaking of locations available in South Florida.   More than the sum of its concrete and steel, Beachfront Builders cherishes the human element—craftsmanship that consistently exceeds expectations. Every nail, every tile, and each brushstroke is a labor of love, honed by seasoned professionals who are as much artisans as they are engineers. It's this dedication to detail, this commitment to turnkey perfection, that delivers a masterpiece, curated to actualize the most intimate and grand visions of its occupants.
Sqft 4600
Bath 4.5
Bed 4
Pool 1
Garage 2

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CEO / Broker


Ivana Shoultz, from Buenos Aires Argentina, is the owner and Real Estate Broker for partner company Beachfront Properties and a huge asset to our team.

Subcontractors & Vendors Used



With years of experience, Billy maintains all of aspects of making sure our homes are completed in a timely manner.Billy truly cares about each and every client it



Conor is currently Serving in the Army National Guard and finishing college, working full time as our Assistant Project Manager for a handful of our New Constructions.