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The Luxurious Lifestyle Beckons: New-Construction Paradise in Boca Marina Yacht Club

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Welcome to the lap of luxury, the epitome of elegance, and the aura of rejuvenation. Situated in the seductive cityscape of South Florida, Boca Marina Yacht Club is a beacon of tranquility that melds the shimmering allure of the Intracoastal waters with the captivating charm of state-of-the-art construction. In this haven, every sunrise brings a new promise, every home a new story. There's an undeniable allure to new beginnings. And in South Florida, where the sun seems to sparkle with the spirit of possibility, each day is a canvas for creation. Enter Boca Marina Yacht Club's new residential offering — a testimony to modern luxury and unparalleled living. Here, new-home construction is not just about erecting walls; it's about designing dreams and crafting every brick with a dedication to perfection.
Sqft 5100
Bath 4.5
Bed 4
Pool 1
Garage 2

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CEO / Broker


Ivana Shoultz, from Buenos Aires Argentina, is the owner and Real Estate Broker for partner company Beachfront Properties and a huge asset to our team.

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With years of experience, Billy maintains all of aspects of making sure our homes are completed in a timely manner.Billy truly cares about each and every client it



Conor is currently Serving in the Army National Guard and finishing college, working full time as our Assistant Project Manager for a handful of our New Constructions.