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Oceanfront Condo Remodel in Highland Beach, FL

Beautiful Beachfront Condo Remodel

Oceanfront Condo Remodel / Flip in Highland Beach, FL

This project was very fun for us!  It was original condition condo in Highland Beach, in the Coronado.  The unit was FULL of furniture, mirrors, old carpet and wallpaper!  We gutted the entire place, ripping everything completely out!

The install of porcelain wood floors turned out beautiful!  We opened up the entire kitchen, but cutting out the wall and making it open bar space..  The place really transformed into a fun, beautiful beachfront condo!

beachfront oceanfront condo highland beach florida remodel
Kitchen project oceanfront condo highland beach FL
Kitchen Project in Beachfront Remodel
LIving Room / Dining Room remodel
Master Bedroom Remodeled
Guest Bathroom Remodel

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